Sunday, September 27, 2009


PICTURED ABOVE: I bought some food to celebrate my birthday with my maids and my driver, and his kids. Jollibee cheeseburgers and fries, rotisserie chicken, Goldilocks birthday cake, Coke, and Magnolia Sorbetes. I grabbed the opportunity to buy a complete set of the UAAP Coke bottles, for my lola.

PICTURED ABOVE: me with the maids, my driver and 2 of his kids.
This is actually the second leg of my 35th birthday celebration. The first leg was last night at the dialysis clinic at The Medical City, where Rose, a coworker of mine celebrated with me and the nurses on duty [and some of the patients too] with Pizza Hut viva lasagna meat lover's and free pepperoni pizza and pepsi. Thanks to Ed, Ruby and Tine, nurses and tech at the unit for celebrating with me.
I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a little blowout for my maids, my driver and his kids. These people have been taking care of me everyday and I wanted to celebrate with them. So I tried to order Jollibee so I could also get the UAAP bottles. But unfortunately, they don't give those on deliveries. You have to get dine in or takeout. So even with the insane weather, my driver and his eldest daughter Jackie went out to buy food. We couldnt go to Jollibee Temple Drive because the way there was flooded. So we braved it to Galleria... if I felt better I would've just hung out in the mall all day and watched Surrogates. There wasn't a whole lot of people at the mall because of the weather! Anyway, since we were there, we also got a cake and some ice cream from the grocery. And I got a good deal on some rotisserie chicken.
We also hit a small snag on the Galleria Branch of Jollibee... 3 of the UAAP bottles were out of stock. The UP, Lasalle and Ateneo ones, in particular. So after we got everything, we went to another branch in Emerald Ave. Yahoo! They had all the bottles available. That completes the set and meant more burgers and fries for everyone.
The last leg is later, my Tita is coming over with food and my first cousin and her husband and baby are also coming over. That is if the weather permits. If only I would get to see my nephew, this would be perfect.
This is my first birthday where I have a Facebook account and the fact that it makes it so easy for my friends to remember and greet me on my birthday makes this site makes it so valuable. I have loved FB ever since I joined in august and although I lost a friend since, I gained a lot in return. I am still hoping for another chance of reconciliation someday. But I am not holding my breath. But you never know... life is full of surprises.
Every year, I feel lucky to have made it to another birthday. I love life and belive it's precious. I've been doing my damndest to make the most of it. And I think I'm doing fine.
Thanks for everyone who remembered, and who will still celebrate this day with me. I love you all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Quite a fruitful day. 2 great finds. Both on and both for a steal of a price...
Been in the market for a second DVD recorder ever since I became a heavy contributor at PINOYCHANNEL.TV. Lots of programs to record, some of which are also on 2 stations and airing at the same time. And since Pioneer is the only brand most shops carry [it's the best one anyway] , I have been looking for a cheaper alternative. Today, I hit paydirt. An Aussie listed this baby on He bought it and brought it here to the country, thinking he was going to stay here for a while, but he sold his business and wants to dispose of everything quickly. So he let this go for a real bargain, and he hasnt even used it!
Handsome, isn't he? TF Universe Deluxe SE-01 Optimus Prime. About 7" tall, very articulated, and transforms into truck mode. It isn't metal but I never really cared much for metal. If you want a metal truck, get a Tonka! I found this one for only P500. I was thinking they were just selling this for a bloated price and it was probably on sale in Toy Kingdom or something, but it was out of stock in the big toy stores a long time ago. I heard this came out last year. I would never pass up the chance to own an Optimus Prime with this detail for only P500. And so, here he is.
I also got some cool AA rechargeable batteries from CDRKING for only P500 a pair. The cool factor: the caps of the batteries come off and reveals USB plugs. Charge them by simply plugging them straight into a USB port. Really convenient to use with my digicam that drains batteries like a humvee!
It's been a great saturday, tomorrow I may go to Vmall again to shop for DVD+RWS. Until now, I've been using minuses but this new machine uses the pluses.
All this time, my driver and I have been shopping for these gadgets like Batman and Alfred/Lucius... oh did I mention my driver's name is also Al? LOL