Saturday, September 16, 2006

Voltes V Complete Series on Laserdisc Arrived

My laserdisc set of CHOUDENJI MACHINE VOLTES V has finally arrived.


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Unlike the box set version, this one is only 5 volumes but each volume has 2 discs. The box set version has 10 volumes of 1 disc each and each volume has a black and white sketch of the characters with a colored square in the background. This is why I like this one much better - because of all the cool colored art!!!
I only know one other person who has Voltes V complete on laserdisc, and he is the copyright owner of the show in the Philippines. This is a very rare acquisition and a complete set only comes by once in a very long while.
I heard Andrew E paid Php1,000,000 for his set. I can't verify it though.
I still plan to buy the original Japanese DVD that will come out in December this year. Check the archives of my blog for details.


Bought some action figures, not all from the same place and not all at the same time. I rarely see these being sold anymore so I snatched them when I saw them on sale.
Pictured above: Old XMEN action figures of Wolverine and Sabretooth, sold in Toy's R Us on sale for Php400 each. These two would have to be my favorite bitter enemies in the X-universe ever since I ever read about them in the Wolverine Saga TPB's. Sabretooth is my favorite among the two, though. I don't really know why...

Pictured above: Another kind of X-MEN action figures, Wolverine and Sabretooth again. Also at Toys R Us on sale for Php400 each.

Pictured above: Darkstalkers action figure of BB Hood and John Talbain. It's been years since I have seen one of these in the stores. Toy R Us had it on sale for Php400. Err... I wonder why they paired these 2 characters together? Little red riding hood ripoff with big bad werewolf!?

Pictured above: Master Gouken and Battle Cry Variant action figure. This is part of the SOTA Street Fighter line of action figures, released when the game became 15 years old. Yes, believe it or not, it has been 15 years since I have been playing this video game in Robinsons Galleria and in almost every gaming console I ever owned. Tekken is also a favorite, but Street Fighter started it all for me. Anyway, for those who don't know who this guy is, he is the master of Ken and Ryu and Akuma/Gouki's elder brother. I got this pair at BEST Toys for Php1,000 apiece.