Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Does anyone in here in the Philippines remember ARBY’S?

Being a fastfood junkie all my life, I have eaten in almost every fast food place in Metro Manila. I grew up when my family’s family business was on the rise and eating at these establishments was the family’s idea of bonding, usually on weekends. My dad and uncle and grandfather [their dad], well at least in my much younger years before he retired, would also frequently bring take out home after closing shop.

ARBY’S is a fast food joint specializing in roast beef sandwiches. Tender flat shreds of beef with cheese on a sandwich. Don’t confuse that with Philly cheesesteaks, Philly cheesesteaks also have shreddes beef but the shreds aren’t flat. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel the same when you bite into it. Anyway, I remember ARBY’S especially when you see them with the huge piece of roastbeef and this slicing machine goes at it. They really make it a point to show you the meat as it is being sliced and put into your sandwich.

ARBY’S used to have franchises in the Philippines. Some 20 years ago I remember they had one in Quezon Ave., my dad would drive me there and we would get take out, after I tag along as he brings home my half-brother and half-sister to his house in Project 6. I know that this is near impossible, but if I could eat in ARBY’S with my dad before I die, I would probably just break down in tears. Lately remembering happy days of my youth have been bringing tears to my eyes.

ARBY’S, for a very short while, also had a branch in Greenhills about 15 years ago. I managed to eat there twice but it didn’t last very long. It was where Hotshots Burgers is now.

One memorable commercial of ARBY’S is the one where Batman [Adam West] takes Robin [Burt Ward] for take-out [or was it drive-thru?], on the Batmobile of course! I can’t remember if I saw this on local TV or an betamax tape of some cartoon that was recorded off American TV…

With all the fast food franchises coming back into the Philippines, I am hoping ARBY’S comes back one day. Hopefully with better luck than Carl’s did.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


This is something that normally a lot of people wouldn’t care about but I was quite ticked off when I saw it.

HERO TV is a cable channel here in the Philippines that shows anime and cartoons in Tagalog.

HERO TV acquired the rights to G I Joe Sigma 6.

When I caught an episode yesterday, I was surprised to hear Snake Eyes. That’s right, I HEARD Snake Eyes. He didn’t have any lines or dialogue, but you can hear him reacting when he is fighting. While this is such a minor thing, for any G I Joe fan, it is definitely not.

It is common knowledge to the fans who grew up as an 80’s kid. Snake Eyes is only the coolest G I Joe character in the team. And he is a MUTE. His voice box was destroyed when he burned his face in a helicopter accident to save his team mate Scarlett. This is also why he always wears a mask and never speaks at all.

I have no idea when these voice talents at Hero were born, that they didn’t know this common fact! One voice talent told me that at Hero, the people overseeing the dubbing process want EVERY scene where there is any character in it to have some sort of dialogue or reaction. This meant that if they catch any scene where there is a character and they don’t hear anything, they count that as an undubbed portion and would consider the episode undone. HOWEVER, in this case, it is a clear case of not doing your homework! The sad thing is, the dubbing department is not going to correct this mistake… whatever has already been dubbed will no longer be undone, and there is a good chance that the entire series has been dubbed already.

I am sure the big fan clubs of G I Joe in the country are either laughing their butts off or extremely ticked off at the sacrilege. I am sure that once someone notices, this will be all over the forums. And since HERO TV is very onion-skinned when it comes to criticism, it’s definitely going to hit the fan…

I wonder what kind of reaction Snake Eyes’ voice talent is going to get when he goes to anime events and starts bragging on TV or to the fans that he is the voice behind a character that doesn’t speak. LOL knowing HERO TV, they will do some sort of spotlight segment on voice talents and heaven forbid they don’t unknowingly shine a spotlight on this huge mistake.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I don't know too many details yet so this is going to be brief...

My brother's wife gave birth to a baby girl last night around 10 PM.

The baby is my brother's second child and my niece, the first one being my nephew who is now 8 years old.

Congratulations, Anthony!