Friday, November 10, 2006

Voltes V Quiz

Which member of Voltes V are you?

You are Steve Armstrong!You were born to lead, but you're a bit of a hot head when things don't work out the way you expected; and that's because you are secretly a perfectionist. You try your best to be optimistic when situations are bleak. You exude confidence and demand respect from those who are much younger than you. You truly believe that you make the best desicions for the people you work with. You are fearless and always try to push yourself as far as you can go.
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I don't know if I like the results that I got for this Voltes V quiz. Then again, since I know the story front and back, it's hard to take the quiz without thinking that I answered it in a way that I knew which character I would end up with. However, I answered it as honestly as I could and I still got Steve. I really don't know who I wished I got, maybe I was wishing I got someone else since Steve is the generic leader/goody two shoes. Oh well, I guess you can't hide from who you really are...