Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dreans About "Going Back to School"

For some really annoying reason I have dreams that have continuity. That means, I dream about something on one night, then the dream continues on another night. Lately, this one dream just wont let up.

As far back as 5 years ago, after I graduated in college and when I was already a self employed businessman, also working part time as a voice actor, also earning off Ebay, well, you get the idea… bottom line was I was earning well, I always had dreams where I had to go study in high school AGAIN. And no, I don’t mean I flunked and had to repeat a grade or two, it’s always about having to go back and take 2 years of high school again. I really didn’t understand the dream and even in the dream, I didn’t get why I was in there again. I was with my high school classmates again, taking the same stuff again, stuff that I knew was already over and done with and that I didn’t need to know for whatever career I chose.

In that same dream, there are certain subjects that I simply chose not to attend. In high school, you don’t have that option – you don’t “drop” classes in high school. In my dream, I chose not to attend certain classes and as the year draws to a close, I felt the anxiety of possibly failing those classes. Lately, something new was added to the dream. There was a huge term paper due. The deadline was in less than 2 days and I had nothing done, I didn’t even know what I was going to write about!

These dreams occurred about 3 times this week. I wake up so annoyed!

I try to analyze the dream. I don’t really have much of an idea as to what it means. To me, high school is over and I really don’t care to look back on it. I didn’t bother to go to my high school reunion and I don’t keep in touch with anyone in my batch. I am not sure, but the dream may have something to do with the fact that sometimes, I have doubts as to whether I really learned anything in high school. Sure, I passed all the subjects and I never failed a single one, but I did I really learn anything? Or was the way I studied simply mechanical?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Termites Kill the X-Men, etc.

When I used to watch movies in Glorietta, they would always play this ad of Sentricon during the intermission. It’s a termite control service and they had a tag line about getting the termites’ home before they get yours. Well, mine got gotten!

It would have to be a collector’s worst nightmare, and believe me, I am a collector.

Last year, termites destroyed my anime DVD collection, which I kept in a big cardboard box by the refrigerator. The fridge soaked the floor around it, making it moist and ripe for termites. Looking at the top of the box, it would seem nothing has happened. But when I opened the box, there is termite poop all over the place. The termites ate the packaging of the DVDS including the booklets inside. They pooped on the discs, scratching them beyond any usability.

Prior to that, termites also destroyed most of my VHS collection. They ate the cardboard box that I stored them in and pooped inside the tapes. I must have lost 50 tapes worth of live action Japanese sci fi shows that I bought from another collector in New York.

At first I thought moving my stuff around the room would help and that the termites only found one part of the room. But I was wrong. Under my desk, which was in another side of the room, was my audio CD collection. Most if not all those CDS were original. Guess what? The termites found them too and did what they did to the DVDS.

Fearing that my comics were next, I moved all the comics outside the room. It’s funny, I could have sworn I moved it all safely downstairs but for some reason, a dozen storage boxes were left on the hallway near the stairs.

The termites also ate the bathroom door of my bedroom, destroying the wood that held the hinges. The door eventually fell off. That was when I decided to move to the room downstairs last year…

And now, the worst has probably happened. The termites found my comics and ate almost all of it. All the X titles that I have bought and collected over the years are ruined. The only consolation I have is that I have already read them all and I have a scanned version of the entire X-universe which I downloaded off the net.

It is such a frustrating thing to lose collection after collection to termites. I don’t know if farmers who lose their crop to pests feel the same way. What a waste!