Saturday, August 29, 2009


Quite a fruitful day. 2 great finds. Both on and both for a steal of a price...
Been in the market for a second DVD recorder ever since I became a heavy contributor at PINOYCHANNEL.TV. Lots of programs to record, some of which are also on 2 stations and airing at the same time. And since Pioneer is the only brand most shops carry [it's the best one anyway] , I have been looking for a cheaper alternative. Today, I hit paydirt. An Aussie listed this baby on He bought it and brought it here to the country, thinking he was going to stay here for a while, but he sold his business and wants to dispose of everything quickly. So he let this go for a real bargain, and he hasnt even used it!
Handsome, isn't he? TF Universe Deluxe SE-01 Optimus Prime. About 7" tall, very articulated, and transforms into truck mode. It isn't metal but I never really cared much for metal. If you want a metal truck, get a Tonka! I found this one for only P500. I was thinking they were just selling this for a bloated price and it was probably on sale in Toy Kingdom or something, but it was out of stock in the big toy stores a long time ago. I heard this came out last year. I would never pass up the chance to own an Optimus Prime with this detail for only P500. And so, here he is.
I also got some cool AA rechargeable batteries from CDRKING for only P500 a pair. The cool factor: the caps of the batteries come off and reveals USB plugs. Charge them by simply plugging them straight into a USB port. Really convenient to use with my digicam that drains batteries like a humvee!
It's been a great saturday, tomorrow I may go to Vmall again to shop for DVD+RWS. Until now, I've been using minuses but this new machine uses the pluses.
All this time, my driver and I have been shopping for these gadgets like Batman and Alfred/Lucius... oh did I mention my driver's name is also Al? LOL