Sunday, June 21, 2009


Whenever I am at dialysis, I listen to songs on my mp3 player... Sometimes I visualize an MTV... when I listen to Paul Oakenfold's "Ready Steady Go", I think of Voltes V... for some reason, it just fits. This song has been used in famous movies like the car chase scene in THE BOURNE IDENTITY, and a club scene in COLLATERAL.

This weekend, it was like a new chapter in my life. After 5 years, I finally kicked a bad habit. I used to think of someone everyday, and finally realized it was such a waste of time. I decided to learn how to make AMV's.

My first step was to go online and see if there are any tutorials. The most recommended progs I saw were Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle Studio. Of the 3, Pinnacle was the one I found easiest to use.

After downloading and installing the software, I played around with it for a few hours, and before I knew it, 4 hours have passed and I have finished the AMV. It was so much fun. I still have plenty to learn, since I hardly know anything about effects, transitions and stuff. So my first attempt is pretty basic. I also skipped the recommended steps like planning the video. At first, I thought making a storyboard would be appropriate, but I was too excited. I had all the scenes mapped out in my head, I was aching to see it compiled, timed with music.

So here is my first AMV, hopefully I can think up some better ones in the future.