Saturday, July 11, 2009


I know Wolverine's got healing factor, and I know part of it includes regeneration of tissue, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

Whenever I watch or read something fictitional and find something ridiculous, I am always told to SUSPEND MY DISBELIEF. Well, you can only do that so far, there are still some things that your mind can't just accept even if the story is fictional.

I have been catching up on my reading of Wolverine pretty quickly. I already put away the whole Volume 2 and am now finishing up on the last 15 or so issues of Volume 3.

In this story, part of the CIVIL WAR story I think, Wolverine is battling Nitro, a mutant whose power makes him a walking atomic bomb. So anyway, Wolverine and he go at it. Nitro does his thing, blows up and Wolverine is at ground zero. If he had a normal skeleton, he would've disintegrated. But since it's indestructible adamantium, it survives the blast and even protects his vital organs. BUT, most if not all the meat on his bones are gone. Check it out...

Here's where the bullsh*t REALLY starts... even if he's only got the organs inside the skeleton left, his healing factor, and the regenerative qualities kick in and EVERYTHING GROWS BACK.


I'm no expert on the human body, but you need to eat to make muscles. Your body doesn't just make them out of nowhere. He just laid there and grew himself a body. That's supposed to be part of healing?!
So my next question... if someone cuts off his penis, will it grow back? Will his healing factor make it the same size or can he adjust the length? LMAO
If I was reading this 10-15 years ago, I may found this to be way cool. Now I just laugh at it and say bullsh*t. And yeah, I haven't forgotten that it's fictional and more ridiculous things have happened in the X-universe.
Oh and a sad, unrelated note, I am saddened to find out that one of my high school classmates, Marie, passed away a few days ago with breast cancer.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


NO, I didn't buy this! I saw it at the food court at VMall and I wanted to shoot it...

My DVD writer was showing signs of age. Close to conking out, actually. Been making coasters and what good discs it makes takes 45 minutes to burn at 16X. Something is definitely not right. So before I have to make that new batch of DVDS I'm sending to Canada, I decided to buy a new one.
ABOVE: The Liteon DVD writer I bought at my favorite PC store at VMALL. I was surprised to find that nobody really sells DVDROM drives anymore. The ones with burners are too cheap, so adding a few hunnerd bucks to the price of a DVDROM already buys you one that can MAKE DVDS instead of just read them. Logical indeed. While I was there, I decided to throw out the jurassic floppy drive I had and put in a card reader with USB port. This makes transferring pics from the digicam to the pc much easier than plugging the USB card reader.
I saw TEN THE EVENING NEWS last night, and in the Gadget segment, they featured a digicam and mentioned that more and more people are buying digicams now 'coz they want to post pics in Facebook. Well, I myself joined FB recently and can appreciate the site much more than Friendster. Truly wonderful, more on that later.

PICTURED ABOVE: a GHOST IN THE SHELL STANDALONE COMPLEX t-shirt I found at FILBAR'S. I noticed I was wearing the same batch of clothes over and over when I go to the hospital so I decided to buy this so I can wear something different next time. Bought it for P250. They had a few more anime t-shirts there, too.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Last night, after reading only for a few weeks, I have finished reading ALL 189 issues of Marvel's Wolverine Volume 2. I don't really know why it is called Volume 2... I think volume 1 pertains to the 4 issue limited series by Frank Miller [the Mariko Yashida story].

About 10 years ago, I stopped reading comics just when Wolverine ALMOST got his adamantium back. Cyber's adamantium skin was "skinned" off of him and was going to be put into Wolverine but it was rejected... he was doing a lot of soul-searching with Elektra when I stopped reading and I have been meaning to catch up on my reading for a while. It was after the latest Hugh Jackman movie came out that I decided it was time to finally start reading again.

And I simply love the comics. Woleveine finally got his adamantium back thanks to Sabretooth and Apocalypse, and my favorite character Sabretooth now had an adamantium skeleton too! I can't wait to start reading volume 3.

I am currently wrapping up reading his little adventures on Marvel Comics Presents. I have but 2 major stories to read from MCP... "Typhoid's Kiss" and "Weapon X", both of which I have read before because I owned the trade paperbacks... before it got eaten by termites. But after that, I'm going straight to volume 3, and then back to the miniseries and one-shots. Clearly, I am far from done with Wolverine.


It's been 3 weeks since EL CARTEL was passed off back to the inhouse writers and I haven't been given any work by the studio. But luckily, my old boss called me that very same night to hire me for another new project, one that I truly love.

Other than the time I was hired to write the Tagalog scripts of SLAM DUNK, I don't think I ever wrote another script that I was such a fanboy about.

THE LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE is a drama series produced in mainland China about the life of the legend, the martial arts man himself, BRUCE LEE. I first heard of this series when I was watching the Discovery Channel, they held a huge competition in China called "The Next Kung Fu Star" and the winner was going to star as the lead in this show.

When I found out the studio bought this series to be dubbed, I was quite excited, but when I found out that they hired another writer for the Tagalog version, I was pretty disappointed. But I was glad to find out that they wanted me for the English version. Although out of the 30 episodes, I was only tasked to write 6, I had the most fun writing a script in such a long time! After writing for a year about romantic couples facing all sorts of adversity and drug dealing traitors ratting each other out to the DEA, I'm finally writing about something I have been fascinated with all my life - Kung Fu on the big screen and Bruce Lee.

The show had a lot of interesting stories and factors that any fanboy would love. People from his real life were had onscreen presence, from his wife Linda, his son Brandon and daughter Shannon, friends and students Taky Kimura, Jesse Glover and Filipino friend Dan Inosanto [who was played by a Chinese guy, WTF! If you know nothing about Bruce Lee, you'd never guess this character was Filipino], including his nemesis opponents in the martial arts world like kenpo master Ed Parker and wing chun grandmaster Wong Jack Man! I had a blast researching my facts and names of real people in his life, I never had so many notes in my scripts explaining martial art disciplines, moves, techniques, and even philosophical inferences.

The show also had Hollywood actors playing roles, Michael Jai White was in it, Gary Daniels and Ray Park [who played Chuck Norris] are some of the big names in this show. And Linda Lee's actress looks a lot like Kelli Williams [Lindsay Dole] of THE PRACTICE.

I was also glad that my coworkers liked my script. Well, they said they did. They said it was so obvious I was a Bruce Lee fanatic. Some of them even asked for copies of his movies, which I was happy to oblige. Anytime you meet someone with similar interests as you can't be all bad... besides, some of them wanted it so they can study their roles. So I also made them copies of whatever Bruce Lee bios and docus I had. And over the years, there were quite a few of them.

And I was glad that the translation they provided was pretty decent. I wasn't given fansubs on a bootleg burned DVD this time, and I truly appreciate that. I never approved of using fansubs for dubbing of legally acquired shows. I always believed they should spring for decent translations and do it right.

My last episode is due monday... I sure wish there was more. But it was definitely fun while it lasted.