Saturday, December 02, 2006

"BUN ON THE RUN" is Back!!!

It was just too bad that tonight, I was tunnel-visioned at Behrouz Persian Cuisine when I went to Metrowalk to buy diner. As I walked out of Behrouz, I was wondering why the little building across the street where Ice Monster was supposed to be wasn’t there anymore. Upon a closer look, I noticed that it was replaced by BUN ON THE RUN.


Bun on the Run is a chain of burger stands that has been around since the 80’s but sometime after the new millennium, this chain disappeared little by little, losing to the growing competition against bigger fast food chains. There used to be a branch in Katipunan across Ateneo; a stand near the movie ticket booth in Glorietta 4, and in Greenbelt.

Bun on the Run is well known for its unique line of Chorizo based burgers, its most famous sandwich is the “Choriburger”, 2 chorizo burger patties with coleslaw and cheese in a bun that is more like a pan de sal in taste but like a hamburger bun in size.

Anyway, Bun on the Run is finally back, with a soft opening ongoing in Metrowalk Pasig. It’s located where Ice Monster used to be, in a small building of its own in the parking lot across the stretch of restaurants in Meralco Ave. since it is still in its soft opening phase, it’s only open 3pm-11pm on weekdays and 3pm-1am on weekends. The full product line still isn’t availavle, but the great news is the Choriburger is available!!!

So spread the word, hopefully this wonderful chain will grow in popularity once more and it will never be gone again.