Friday, April 18, 2008


From Ben’s Burjer yesterday, McDonald's this morning, I continue to satisfy my burger cravings.

This afternoon, I was too lazy to start working on my new project. [secret!!!] So I went to Robinsons Galleria to have a late lunch and do some window shopping. Funny you can think of the dumbest and most mundane things to do when you just don’t feel like working!

Anyway, I went to Filbar’s at the 3rd floor near OLYMPIC GOLD. That was when I entered the kid’s block. Galleria made this area of the mall geared towards kids. Everything in that area, including the food, was tailor-fit for kids. Specialty ice cream and pastries were sold by Japanese style kiosks. But this new store caught my eye…

Slammer Burgers is on soft opening and has only been around for 2 weeks. Since I already ate lunch elsewhere in the mall, I decided to go back to try it out at dinnertime, and by then, I’d be back with my digicam to shoot and blog about it.

So anyway, I tried it out at dinner. Not much of a line, not like the crowd I ran into at Ben’s Burjer the night before. But hey, it’s a soft opening, and they need the publicity.

Among the many selections of burgers, sidings and others, I chose to go basic. But here’s the menu. Note that they are on a soft opening, so this menu could go through some changes.

It’s basically a kid’s size burger [check its size in proportion to the coke can]. However, if you are an adult, don’t worry, the smallest order is 2 pieces, then you can order in 4’s and 8’s. each burger is about 2.5 x 2.5 inches, or like a mooncake. The bread is moist since it’s cooked like a French toast, but it eats like a bun. It tastes pretty good, too. The Belgian fries were great. I had the “Mighty Mushroom”, which was Belgian fries with melted cheese, shredded mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions! YUM! They really wanted to make this fun for kids to eat, as opposed to "boring adult food". They were pretty generous with the toppings, too. I hope it stays this way and isn’t only ‘coz it’s soft opening and they want to make a good impression.

The verdict? Works for me! It’s not that heavy on the tummy or on my wallet and it satisfies my burger cravings so I’ll definitely be back.

See you tomorrow...