Saturday, October 20, 2007



That’s the last time I am pinch hitting for a script of Mexican Drama. That doesn't mean though, that I am ungrateful to my friend who gave me work.

Earlier this week, a co-worker at TSP asked me to write one of her scripts for “Mi Gorda Bella”, a Mexican drama being dubbed in English at another studio. Since I was gunning for a regular supply of scriptwriting jobs at the same studio from my other co-worker, I took the job on, so I would get the hang of writing shows from this language. I was given the video on Wednesday night, the translation came via e-mail much later.

The deadline was set at Friday midnight. I found myself so stressed out, even if I started writing this one episode on Thursday. I am used to writing scripts for Japanese, Korean and Chinese shows where the lines are delivered clean, no murmuring or rambling, and the chances of a stichomythia (rapid fire exchange of dialog) are rare. In a Mexican drama, they could be saying five sentences and it all would sound like it was just one, making the line hard to sync. Not to mention that the translation is full of grammatical errors and wrongly phrased sentences, a writer who is half asleep or in my case, anemic, a lot of these awkward lines get past me.

I missed the 12 midnight deadline by 2 hours, only to be told by my friend that he got the deadline moved to 3pm the next day. Whew! However, I don’t like missing deadlines…

All things considered, I would gladly do this again since that studio pays well. But I do not intend to take the job on unless I am given adequate time to write it, like 2-3 days and episode. 3 episodes a week would be pushing it, as it is also harder for me to work when my nephew is here on Friday nights.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


This is an overdue post. I actually wrote this a while back, but Blogger was acting up and at the time, won’t let me upload my picture.


It was a most chaotic week that went by, my uncle finally got married last Sunday and his younger brother, with his family, were all here at the house. They stayed here for almost 2 weeks, visiting from the States just to attend the wedding.

A long time ago when I found out that my uncle’s wedding was going to take place on the 23rd of September, days before my birthday, I was already dreading the idea that everyone in my family would try to find some way to have a get-together on my birthday, since they are all still reeling back from being all together for my uncle’s wedding 3 days prior. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and it’s the only one I have, but there is a reason why we rarely ever get together, unless someone’s getting married or someone just had a baby.

True enough, on my birthday, my aunts, uncles and cousins were going out to dinner and I was invited to come along so we can also celebrate my birthday. Ever since I got diagnosed with ESRD last year, I have no idea who’s been footing the hospital bills and who I am indebted to so it’s hard to say “no”. besides, how many times am I going to see my cousins? All 4 of these guys are based in different parts of the US, the last time I saw my uncle and aunt from Sacramento was when my grandfather died 8 years ago and now I have just met my youngest cousin of 7 years. Oh, and on a morbid note, I don’t think I will be alive by the time next time we have such a get-together, considering how rare we have them so despite having a script due the next day, I went along.

It's a shame that my brother and his family didn't get to come along. Apparently, this was a short-notice thing and my auntie never got to call my brother to make the invitation. As a result, my favorite nephew couldn't come alone. Aww... anyway, here's a pic of us with a naughty nephew-tito smile at my uncle's wedding...

We ate at Sumo Sam, a Japanese fusion restaurant in Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong. It is supposedly partly owned by celebrity Marvin Agustin [and after seeing him advertise it in the PLDT DSL BIZ ad, it must be true]. The food was relatively good. The conversations went from moderately funny to boring, typical of family. Hey, it's not like I was the only one bored, my 7-year old cousin was already playing with his Nintendo DS long before I started getting bored. It was typical, lots of "shop talk" about what could be the next big thing business-wise, and as usual, the relatives abroad would serve as the "mule", or the person facilitating the "importation"... they also joked around shopping at the 168 Mall the day after, which actually happened.

At the last hour I was beginning to tire, the air conditioning in the mall was already off and I was about to complain that I wanted to go home already, but I couldn’t since I didn’t want to spoil the rare reunion that we were having. My killjoy grandmother saved the day for me and she herself was getting impatient, which prompted my auntie the nun to propose that we call it a night.

My good friend Richmond and I had a small birthday bash of our own, the week after, at Steak Town in the same mall.

Tonight at Rack's El Pueblo is the fated CV5 EB among fellow Voltes V fans who have been together in a maling list for the last 7-8 years. Rack's El Pueblo has served as our impromptu Big Falcon Base ever since the early days, more on that later, with pictures.